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Lily Lake Ice Racing! For the past few years we have had ice racing on our lake. I have heard so discussion about trying to ban it because of the noise. Here is my argument. These are good hard working people having fun, exercising and learning skills. There isn’t a whole lot to do in the winter to begin with so don’t take this away from them! There are father and son/daughters out there spending great time together, I think we can put up with a little noise. Would you rather have the minors out causing mischief and the adults at the bar? I wouldn’t!


Now that winter is approaching quickly here’s a few thing to remember.

1. Ice fishing and snowmobiling will be bringing new faces to our community. Please be friendly and remember that not everyone is here for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t push, blow or shovel your snow into onto other peoples property. Across the street into a open ditch is one thing but just use common sense.

3. When it shows be sure not to have your vehicles parked on the road! It’s very hard and dangerous for the plows and other vehicles to see them when there snow covered!

4. BE CAREFUL ON THE ICE! Don’t drive on it until you are VERY certain that the ice is strong enough!