What is Suspicious?

Recently we have witnessed an increase in crime activity in our community. I understand that people are concerned, and with good reason.  We cannot call the cops for every vehicle that enters Lily Lake! In my opinion if the police come out and clear a vehicle from being wrongful because they were legitimate, It’s a good day. If they arrest someone for being wrongful, It’s better yet. Please use some personal discretion when calling in suspicious activity, the police are busy people and can’t come running anytime a car drives by. Please make sure it is a valid concern to the community. Keep a log of license plates and times. If a crime occurs that information will be helpful! Report suspicious activity to the site and not the police right away. The information is looked over daily by law officials. Thanks, Jason

Here is a list of activities that may be suspicious:

  1. Someone in/on your property.
  2. Someone parked in front of your house, especially at night.
  3. Movement in a vacant house.
  4. Someone around the outside of another’s house AT NIGHT.
  5. Vehicles with no license plates.
  6. Cars driving with the lights off

Not Suspicious activity’s:

  1. Cable repair people
  2. Utility workers
  3. Tax assessors
  4. Vacationers