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4th of July Saftey

The Forth of July is coming, and I know most of us will be lighting off fireworks in celebration. Before you do so please watch this short video from the Salt Lake City, UT fire Dept.


Keep up the good work! It’s nice to see people with a common goal!

Lily Lake Ice Racing! For the past few years we have had ice racing on our lake. I have heard so discussion about trying to ban it because of the noise. Here is my argument. These are good hard working people having fun, exercising and learning skills. There isn’t a whole lot to do in the winter to begin with so don’t take this away from them! There are father and son/daughters out there spending great time together, I think we can put up with a little noise. Would you rather have the minors out causing mischief and the adults at the bar? I wouldn’t!

Now that winter is approaching quickly here’s a few thing to remember.

1. Ice fishing and snowmobiling will be bringing new faces to our community. Please be friendly and remember that not everyone is here for the wrong reasons.

2. Don’t push, blow or shovel your snow into onto other peoples property. Across the street into a open ditch is one thing but just use common sense.

3. When it shows be sure not to have your vehicles parked on the road! It’s very hard and dangerous for the plows and other vehicles to see them when there snow covered!

4. BE CAREFUL ON THE ICE! Don’t drive on it until you are VERY certain that the ice is strong enough!

Kenosha News

Here is the actual Wisconsin state Statute for the self defense. Wisconsin is in the process of changing these. Please read through this so you don’t end up in jail yourself!



(1) A person is privileged to threaten or intentionally use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with his or her person by such other person. The actor may intentionally use only such force or threat thereof as the actor reasonably believes is necessary to prevent or terminate the interference. The actor may not intentionally use force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm unless the actor reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself.


(a) A person who engages in unlawful conduct of a type likely to provoke others to attack him or her and thereby does provoke an attack is not entitled to claim the privilege of self-defense against such attack, except when the attack which ensues is of a type causing the person engaging in the unlawful conduct to reasonably believe that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm. In such a case, the person engaging in the unlawful conduct is privileged to act in self-defense, but the person is not privileged to resort to the use of force intended or likely to cause death to the person’s assailant unless the person reasonably believes he or she has exhausted every other reasonable means to escape from or otherwise avoid death or great bodily harm at the hands of his or her assailant.


(b) The privilege lost by provocation may be regained if the actor in good faith withdraws from the fight and gives adequate notice thereof to his or her assailant.


(c) A person who provokes an attack, whether by lawful or unlawful conduct, with intent to use such an attack as an excuse to cause death or great bodily harm to his or her assailant is not entitled to claim the privilege of self-defense.


(3) The privilege of self-defense extends not only to the intentional infliction of harm upon a real or apparent wrongdoer, but also to the unintended infliction of harm upon a 3rd person, except that if the unintended infliction of harm amounts to the crime of first-degree or 2nd-degree reckless homicide, homicide by negligent handling of dangerous weapon, explosives or fire, first-degree or 2nd-degree reckless injury or injury by negligent handling of dangerous weapon, explosives or fire, the actor is liable for whichever one of those crimes is committed.


(4) A person is privileged to defend a 3rd person from real or apparent unlawful interference by another under the same conditions and by the same means as those under and by which the person is privileged to defend himself or herself from real or apparent unlawful interference, provided that the person reasonably believes that the facts are such that the 3rd person would be privileged to act in self-defense and that the person’s intervention is necessary for the protection of the 3rd person.


(5) A person is privileged to use force against another if the person reasonably believes that to use such force is necessary to prevent such person from committing suicide, but this privilege does not extend to the intentional use of force intended or likely to cause death.

What is Suspicious?

What is Suspicious?

Recently we have witnessed an increase in crime activity in our community. I understand that people are concerned, and with good reason.  We cannot call the cops for every vehicle that enters Lily Lake! In my opinion if the police come out and clear a vehicle from being wrongful because they were legitimate, It’s a good day. If they arrest someone for being wrongful, It’s better yet. Please use some personal discretion when calling in suspicious activity, the police are busy people and can’t come running anytime a car drives by. Please make sure it is a valid concern to the community. Keep a log of license plates and times. If a crime occurs that information will be helpful! Report suspicious activity to the site and not the police right away. The information is looked over daily by law officials. Thanks, Jason

Here is a list of activities that may be suspicious:

  1. Someone in/on your property.
  2. Someone parked in front of your house, especially at night.
  3. Movement in a vacant house.
  4. Someone around the outside of another’s house AT NIGHT.
  5. Vehicles with no license plates.
  6. Cars driving with the lights off

Not Suspicious activity’s:

  1. Cable repair people
  2. Utility workers
  3. Tax assessors
  4. Vacationers


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The Broken Window Theory

The Broken Window theory is based on the idea that rundown areas invite petty crime because people think that no one cares. And petty crime leads to more serious crime because no one, especially the police, care about the neighborhood or area. The police receive more calls to these areas because the residents have more fear that things are out of control. So let’s keep our property and community in good working order! Don’t be afraid to pick up trash or branches off the street. I know times are tough for everyone but determination and caring doesn’t cost a dime!